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    Webinar Procedure
  • 1. Host Introduction to the topics
  • 2. Keynote speaker
  • 3. Job Seeker's personal experience sharing
  • 4. Host summary of webinar.
  • 5. Q & A section, reserved for registered members only.
  • 6. Non members can ask questions online. Answers will be made via email.
  • Members vs. non-members
  • 1. Paid members have the privileges to participate in the Q & A session following the webinar. Unpaid members can ask questions only by email.
  • 2. Paid members can watch the webinar anytime they want; they will never miss any webinar. Unpaid members can only watch the webinars live.
  • 3. Unpaid members can get free membership by posting our message on WeChat groups. Ask for details.
  • 4. Paid members enjoy other privileges, such as weekly internal referrals, resume and cover assistance, mock interview, etc.
  • Webinar Registration
  • 1. All scheduled webinars should be registered in advance. Availability is limited. When you see a webinar you like, register right away.
  • 2. All schedules are tentative and subject to change. If you have registered, we will notify you of the change in advance.
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